discover how to create a lifestyle in which you’ll thrive, age gracefully, and avoid the conditions that slow you down.

Why Sculpt Your Health?

Each of us is born with a distinct set of gifts, talents, and potential—the melding of which is as unique as a fingerprint. We are not intended to look, sound, act, or feel like anyone other than our authentic selves. And yet, so many of us aspire to be just like someone else—whether in body shape, accomplishments, wealth, or beauty, thus ensuring that we feel like perpetual failures.

My goal for Sculpt Your Health: to encourage and support you as you experience the thrill of unveiling the sculpture within, a sculpture that is fashioned by your own articulated vision of truth and happiness.

It is my hope that just like a sculptor, you will learn to honor and trust the strengths and vulnerabilities of your own raw material as you lovingly, methodically, and artistically create your own work of art—your best self.

Your Partner in Craftsmanship

Working together, whether by telephone or in person, we will explore your greatest health concerns and goals and examine the barriers to achieving those goals. I will work with you to craft your unique lifestyle plan, which identifies the strategies required to overcome your obstacles.

I will help you create your personal wellness vision: a picture of what your life would look and feel like if you were at your optimal level of health and wellness. We’ll explore why it truly matters to you, digging deep to uncover your deepest motivators for change, and determining the actions you will need to take to achieve this vision. Those actions become the foundation of short-term weekly goals and long-term, three-month goals that you create for yourself.  


The "U" in Sculpt Your Health is all about you. You will be in the driver’s seat. The process is all about where you are at this moment. What motivates you. What brings you joy. What holds you back.  It is not about societal expectations, or your coach’s expectations.

  1. You will be exposed to the newest scientific information on nutrition and weight management, stress, sleep, exercise, aging, supplementation, self-fulfillment, motivational psychology, and more. You will not be fed the same old formulas and antiquated knowledge.
  2. You will be encouraged to leverage your strengths, competencies, and autonomy. You will not be treated like a victim or someone who should be punished or ashamed.
  3. You will receive ongoing communications in whatever forms work best for you. You will not be handed a printed page and hurried out the door.
  4.  You will be supported through empathy, nonjudgmental listening, and respect. You will not be judged or patronized.
  5. You will identify specific, measurable, attainable goals from week to week that help you build toward your long-range goals. You will not be pushed to bite off more than you can chew, but you will be encouraged to stretch beyond your comfort zone.


You May Need a Coach if You're:

  • Confronting a chronic illness
  • In a major life transition
  • Struggling with what really makes you happy
  • Done with starving yourself and exercising to your peril while your weight remains the same
  • Too embarrassed to go to the gym
  • Too busy with your career, aging parents, or grandkids to find time to relax
  • Diabetic, but don’t know what to do about it
  • Determined to look and feel more youthful without cosmetic surgery or astronomical spa bills
  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired 
  • Just plain stuck 

Want to learn more?

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About Sandy Judd

In addition to having worked for several years as a registered dietitian, I hold an M.S. in nutrition and communications and am a certified health and wellness coach through Wellcoaches® School of Coaching. I am also a former healthcare marketing and public relations executive for internationally renowned healthcare organizations, public relations agencies, and nonprofit organizations, as well as a healthcare writer. 

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In Memoriam

My dear friend and colleague William Myles Evans changed the course of my life forever when he encouraged me to become a certified health and wellness coach. I will be forever indebted to Bill, who left this world way too soon and with so much more to contribute. I miss you, Bill, and I dedicate my coaching practice to you, my very wise, empathetic, and creative friend and colleague.