Soon after receiving results from my annual physical indicating a “severe and worsening obesity,” I began working with Sandy. She created a program specifically tailored to my needs, which included intermittent fasting and greatly reducing foods with added sugar or flour. I didn’t obsessively count calories or weigh my portions. But I have learned to eat much less frequently, and to avoid going for second helpings. During our first three months together, in which I became educated on how to eat-sleep-exercise-manage my stress more effectively, I lost 25 pounds. The key to my success was Sandy’s commitment to listening to what was important to me and then setting weekly goals together that made sense to me. Nearly a year later, the weight has not come back, nor is that a primary concern, and my education continues. Sandy’s approach to coaching has taught me that a healthy lifestyle is so much more than eating smarter and weight management. For me, it’s about a healthy mind, body, and spirit, which includes fostering healthy relationships with friends and family.
— Keith G., New Boston, NH
I retained Sandy as my wellness coach after learning that I was pre-diabetic. I was particularly focused on Sandy’s expertise in nutrition, and she has been invaluable to me. I’m very pleased with the results of our collaboration. She brought a wealth of professional knowledge to her coaching and related that knowledge to me in a personable and understandable manner. I have radically changed my eating habits without being hungry or losing my energy, and plan to continue my healthful food pattern.
— Gerry R., Andover, MA
After two months with Sandy as my health and wellness coach, I lost a total of eight pounds and three inches—now achieving 90% of my three-month goal. Sandy is authentic, encouraging, supportive, and energetic. Her ability to know when to celebrate successes, to continually express empathy, and to repeatedly highlight my strengths is truly empowering. During our sessions, Sandy incorporates humor while also facilitating an environment where we collaborate on solutions and strategies for overcoming my challenges. Sandy is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and wellness, and continues to stay ahead of the curve on the latest topics regarding health, fitness, and well-being. Sandy has far exceeded my expectations and repeatedly gone above and beyond what I could have hoped for in a health and wellness coach.
— Michelle G., Ontario, Canada
I engaged Sandy to coach me in a health and fitness regimen with the goal of losing 20 pounds in time for my upcoming high school reunion, but perhaps more importantly, to educate me on how to eat better and change my behavior. We scheduled our weekly telephone calls and set out on our task. I have always been fairly active by playing golf and tennis, jogging, and going to my health club, but I did not have good eating habits. Sandy educated and coached me to improve my eating habits and learn the importance of a healthful balance among good fats, healthful carbohydrates, and proteins. We also used intermittent fasting and high-intensity interval training as part of my regimen. I accomplished my goal and went shopping for pants and shorts that actually fit me. Sandy’s knowledge, commitment, and compassion were absolutely key to my success. I would heartily recommend her to anybody committed to living a better, more healthy lifestyle.
— Bud S., Estero, FL
Working with Sandy is a wonderful experience. Her knowledge of health and nutrition and her support and encouragement make her the ideal partner in my health and wellness journey. Sandy is empathetic and completely non-judgmental; I feel I can tell her anything. Sandy’s insight is uncanny—she truly hears what I’m saying and often sees the underlying issues before I do. Sandy’s revelations make so much sense, but they’re insights I never would have seen on my own. If you’re looking for a partner in your health and wellness journey who will provide motivation, moral support, a wealth of knowledge, and a bit of humor, look no further—you’ve found her!
— Lauren C., Abington, MA
Sandy is an inspiring partner—she’s a great motivator and listener, and has a delightful sense of humor. She introduced me to lectures and writings from distinguished scientists who explained the scientific underpinnings of healthful eating and exercise in ways that were easy to understand and implement. Weight management has been a lifelong struggle for me. The last 20 pounds have always eluded me. No matter how hard I tried, I was always starving and fixated on my next meal. I felt that I had a complete inability to demonstrate willpower. I felt powerless. After working with Sandy for the past six months, I learned that, for me, sugar was “my” personal enemy, and I also learned that my weight loss had less to do with counting calories, and more to do with staying away from sugar and processed foods, and eating enough healthy fats. I can say unequivocally I don’t experience hunger, and I’m very close to my end goal.
— Ellen K., Merrimack, NH
I’ve known Sandy since 2008 and have always been impressed by her depth of understanding of the human condition and ability to listen deeply. We began working together in a coaching relationship in 2014 during a major life transition, so I was ready for guidance, partnership, and insight from an objective and trusted voice. I was continually amazed at Sandy’s ability to take my rambling thought processes and distill them down to key motivators, strategies, and action steps. One of my main challenges tends to be that I have too many thoughts and directions, leading to an overwhelming sense that I’m being pulled in various directions. Sandy repeatedly used deep empathy and insight to listen intently and reflect back to me the core intersections of my thought processes, allowing me to focus and develop measurable actions to address my challenges. I came to feel that our sessions were a necessary release where I could simply let go of my thoughts and receive clear understanding, support, and collaboration.
— Connie C., Winston-Salem, NC