Why Hire a Coach?

When I was growing up, the word “coach” was associated with one topic only: sports. There were coaches for football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, and more. 

Today, there are coaches for nearly every type of human endeavor—from organizing your closet to overcoming diabetes to becoming a vegan. So how can you choose the right coach from this dizzying array?

Turn Aspiration into Achievement

Unfortunately, there is an enormous gap between aspiring to be healthy and making the accompanying behavior changes required to achieve an optimum state of health.  But here’s the good news: help is on the way! The space between wanting to be healthy and making the necessary changes to be healthy is where we health and wellness coaches live and breathe! We are expert facilitators of mindset and behavior change designed to generate healthy lifestyles that prevent or treat disease, as well as foster well-being and thriving.

If you are committed to making the changes in your life that will help you reach your potential, better balance your life, and achieve improved health and more joy, a passionate and effective health and wellness coach is just an email or phone call away.

Why not a therapist?

It’s crucial to understand that wellness coaching is not therapy. Therapy begins with the premise that a person is in need of healing. It is often a result of a clinical diagnosis such as depression, severe anxiety, or a phobia. Individuals who choose therapy generally feel that they are not functioning well. They are searching to understand the reasons why they feel this way, often by exploring old issues and emotional pain. They are seeking to heal from their past. Conversely, the coaching conversation is present- and future-oriented. 

Why not a life coach?

Life coaches may come from any field, and often help people make broad changes in their livesaround relationships, parenting, or careers, for examplerather than zeroing in on health-related goals.

A certified health or wellness coach already has a background in a health-related field such as fitness or nutrition, and many of us have worked in the health field for many years before adding coaching to our services. For most of us, wellness coaching is an extension of the work that we have already been doing.


  • Accept and meet you where you are at this moment in time
  • Help you set and achieve realistic goals
  • Assist you in creating a personal health and wellness blueprint
  •  Inspire and challenge you to go beyond where you can go alone
  • Enable you to build a support system
  • Reframe obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow 
  • Harness your strengths to overcome obstacles
  • Guide you in mindfulness and building self-confidence
  •  Help you tap into your innate fighting spirit

I will partner with you to help you outgrow your challenges, address your struggles, and leverage your strengths. I will advocate for change and serve as an ally for creating new habits. 

I will listen more than talk, ask more than tell, and reflect more than comment. My most important role is to partner and brainstorm with you to help you harness your own special gifts, skills, learnings, and insights.